Download Finer Focus and see first-hand how it can improve your focus, enhance your productivity and make your Mac more enjoyable to use.

Best of all, Finer Focus comes with a free 15-day trial, so you can try it without worry.
Finer Focus is compatible with the following versions of macOS:
  • "Big Sur" (11)
  • "Catalina" (10.15)
  • "Mojave" (10.14)
  • "High Sierra" (10.13)
  • "Sierra" (10.12)
  • "El Capitan" (10.11)
  • Finer Focus plays nicely with:
  • Spaces
  • Exposé
  • Full-Screen Windows
  • Multiple Screens
  • Mojave Dark Mode and Dynamic Desktop
  • Scaled and Standard Retina Display Resolutions
  • All Dock Orientations & Sizes with Magnification on or off
  • Custom Desktop Images
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    15-day free trial
    Finer Focus