Finer Focus comes with several themes.  Each theme has its own characteristics and brings a unique look and feel to your Mac.

You can select each theme from the Finer Focus Menu bar icon.  And you can configure each theme's amount of dimming, fading and blurring in the Finer Focus Settings.

From simple dimming of your desktop, to completely fading out icons, background windows and the menu bar, Finer Focus lets you customize the ambience of your Mac to perfectly suite your working style.

Desktop without Finer Focus

"Night Time" Theme

"Deep Sea" Theme

"Sahara" Theme

"Cabernet" Theme

"Amazon" Theme

"Cotton Candy" Theme

"Magnesium" Theme

"Pool Blue" Theme

"Red Rock" Theme

"As You Wish" Theme
Lets you choose your own color.

"White Out" Theme

"Glaze Over" Theme

"Windows" Theme

"Ethereal" Theme

"Pure Zen" Theme